Email Verification & Validation

Achieving high deliverability rate and maintaining a healthy reputation, the challenges has increasing for today marketers. Email verification is very important because you wanted your email to reach the right sender instead of becoming a prey to spam traps. These traps would increase your bounce and complaint rates which would slander the sender reputation.

Such spam traps are the email address that is mainly used to expose the illegitimate senders who add email addresses to their list without user permission. These spams don’t just identify senders; they also expose marketers who aren’t exercising enough control over list management practices.

Such scenario is not good for marketers’ reputation, such methods trigger a downward spiral and eventually, the marketers are blacklisted.

Email verification is a service that will assist the marketers to identify any kind of email discrepancies before they cause permanent damage and such service would help clean up the email lists to improve deliverability. But unlike any experts, we verify the most complex database and improve the error to improve the deliverability and reduce the bounce rate.

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